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Owner / Instructor / Serv. Tech

Date of first certification: 1963

Certifications earned:Dan is a PADI Master Instructor Trainer, a Scuba Diving International Instructor, a Technical Diving Instructor, a Emergency Response Diving International Instructor, a Scubability instructor in Handicap Scuba and has more than 22 Specialty ratings.  Dan has taught divers for the military, law enforcement, technical and recreational sectors. He is the Dive Master for Kenosha County Underwater Rescue and Recovery Association and Scout Leader Rescue. Dan also maintains certifications with The Red Cross as an instructor in: Water Safety, CPR AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, Lifeguarding, First aid and O2 provider.

 Dan has an extensive background of 30 years in Public Safety diving, Ice rescue, Rescue field operations and public education specializing in aquatics safety and water rescue. He has been an instructor at the Emergency Services Midwest Conference & Exposition and is a frequent guest speaker and trainer in Aquatic Recreation and Fire and Rescue fields.

Why I scuba dive? The adventure and fun of seeing new places and things!

My favorite dive site is the site that I am diving at that time.




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Manager / Instructor / Serv. Tech

Date of first certification:  1987

Certifications earned:  Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Search and Recovery Diving Instructor, Wreck Instructor, Underwater Navigation Diving Instructor, Marine EcoSystems Awareness Instructor, Boat Diving Instructor, Equipment Specialist Instructor, SDI Full Face Mask Instructor, Visual Inspection Procedures Instructor, Drift Diving Instructor, ERD Confined Space Ops Instructor, Underwater Digital Photography Instructor, Shore and Beach Diving Instructor, Underwater Photography Instructor, Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor, Deep Diving Instructor, Underwater Video Instructor, Solo Diving Instructor, Ice Diving Instructor,ERD Small Boat Ops Instructor, ERD Instructor, Night-Limited Visibility Diving Instructor, ERD Drysuit Ops Instructor, ERD Contaminated Water OPS Instructor, Computer Nitrox Instructor, Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor, ERD Full Face Mask Instructor, Dry Suit Diving Instructor, , Scubility Instructor,Fusion Dry Suit Diver Instructor.  Captain on Scout Leaders Rescue Squad Dive Team and Assistant Divemaster for Kenosha County Underwater Rescue and Recovery Association.

Why I scuba dive?   Being "Diver Dan's" son, I was raised in a scuba environment.   I have loved the underwater world my entire life.  Whether its the beauty and tranquility of a coral reef or the adventure of exploring a shipwreck.  I love sharing the underwater world through my pictures and through instructing new or experienced divers.  As a Public Safety Diver, I work with a great team of volunteer members that provide underwater rescue services to Kenosha County.

My favorite dive sites are the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, Utila Honduras, Dominica, Philippines and Fiji


Official Greeter

Date of first certification:  2010

Certifications earned:  Sit, Shake, Lay down, High Five

Why I scuba dive?  I don't actually dive because they won't let me in the pool because my hair will clog the filters.

My favorite dive site:  I just love hanging out at Diver Dan's and seeing everyone.  I am usually waiting at the door for you to come in and pet me.  A treat once in a while is okay too.

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Instructor / Service Tech.

 Date of first certification:

Certifications earned:

Why I scuba dive?

My favorite dive site:




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Date of first certification:


Certifications earned:


Why I scuba dive?


My favorite dive site



Mark Lewno

Date of first certification - 8/24/97

Certifications Earned - Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, Dive Master, ERDI - 1, Dry Suit, Computer Nitrox, Equipment Specialist

Why Do I Dive - I have loved all aspects of water sports since I was young and have always been interested in what lies beneath the surface. This love grew into a healthy respect of our waterways, and the life that they contain. Having the opportunity not just to view wildlife as you do at an aquarium but to be immersed in their environment brings a new dynamic to enjoy. (Just remember to bring along your trusty black and white striped safety stick, just ask). As my enjoyment of the underwater grew, I discovered the history that is found underwater in the form of ship wrecks and sunken artifacts. Exploring a shipwreck is a humbling and extremely awe inspiring experience, especially when learning it's history. Exploring a new wreck, or doing a return visit to a previously dove wreck is always exciting and new. Mix all of that together - underwater wildlife with the excitement of shipwreck exploration and sprinkle in the fact that you are surrounded with likeminded people you have a recipe for an underwater addiction. Why I dive can be summarized by Jacques Cousteau. "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

Favorite Dive site - Under ANY water....but if I have to pick: Cold water is the SS Wisconsin (Kenosha) Warm water has been the Trucks and Caicos


Jim Foreman

Date of first certification: April 22, 2003

Certifications earned: Divemaster, ERD-1 Diver Tech, Rapid Deployment SAR/R, Master Scuba Diver, Rescue Diver, Underwater Photographer, Enriched Air Diver, Wreck Diver, Advanced Open Water, Open Water Diver

Why I scuba dive? I originally just certified as OWD for a vacation to Mexico, but then I was hooked, and wanted more. I love diving because of the peace and tranquility of being underwater, enjoying the scenery, whether it's an old shipwreck, or a beautiful coral head with marine life. Pursuing my specialties was a way for me to expand my opportunities. The Search & Rescue (SAR) side of my diving, as a Public Safety Diver, is to provide assistance to the Kenosha County Emergency Service Organizations, and to the families involved. As a Divemaster, I'm privileged to, help introduce diving to other people, see them grow in their adventure, and give back to those that helped me get to where I am.

My favorite dive site: It has to be Cayman Brac in the Cayman Islands, but I'm also happy anywhere I have some good visibility and something to look at.


Dan Miller

Date of first certification:  July 31, 2011

Certifications earned: Divemaster, ERD 1 Dive Technician, specialties in underwater photography, wreck, deep, dry suit, and nitrox. 

Why I scuba dive? As a professor at Carthage College, my initial interest was in exploring underwater biodiversity and teaching Carthage students about environmental risks that coral reefs face presently. I continue to enjoy exploring diverse underwater environments from the Pacific Northwest to the Caribbean. I have also become fascinated with wreck diving, both learning about the history of the ships, how they ended up at the bottom, and exploring these underwater museums that are a testament to human engineering, and often human frailty. 

My favorite dive site: The USS Kittiwake in Grand Cayman. This submarine rescue ship was purposely sunk to create an environment for biodiversity development and a tourist destination for divers. Much of the dive is spent inside the ship which was safety prepared for penetration prior to sinking. A highlight is a decompression chamber that divers can swim into and stand up in, leaving one's head in an air pocket at 60 foot depth


Ron Weavel

Date of first certification: 1988 PADI OWD

Certifications earned:
PADI Master Scuba Diver, Specialties: Deep Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigator, Digital Photography, Equipment specialist, and Ice Diver. SDI Divemaster. ERDI Line Tender.

Why I scuba dive?
I dive because I enjoy the scenery and moments shared with family. It is always something new and interesting. I also dive to stay current in the diving world which makes me a better diver, and those experiences I can pass on.

My favorite dive site
: In the Caymans my favorite dive site is Devil's grotto when the silver sides are in. In Hawaii my favorite site is the Aquarium (it contains lava tubes)

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Sales / Service Tech./ Divemaster

Date of first certification:

Certifications earned:

Why I scuba dive?

My favorite dive site



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Date of first certification:

Certifications earned:

Why I scuba dive?

My favorite dive site




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Date of first certification:  1973 YMCA, recert 2001 PADI

Certifications earned:  PADI Open Water, Advanced Plus, Rescue, Master Scuba, Divemaster, Deep, Boat, Drift, Enriched Air, Night, U/W Navigator

Why I scuba dive?   I got into diving because an instuctor said come here kid I want you to show these people how easy this is and proceeded to put an tank weight belt and mask on me and said go sit on the bottom of the pool for a while and I did

My favorite dive site is Cozumel Mexico (Scuba Club)

"I`m often asked "whats the deepest you`ve ever been  and i tell them ( deep enough to achieve my objective but, never so deep as to surpass my training) remember the only easy day was yesterday hoorah"


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Date of first certification: 2007

Certifications earned:Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue,  Dive Master

Why I scuba dive?  I loved "Sea Hunt" as a child and wanted to always dive.  As an adult I went on a submersible sub and wanted to get out of it and see the underwater world.

My favorite dive site is Utila Honduras




Kevin Robinson kevinweb.jpg


Date of first certification: 1998

Certifications earned:  Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, Master Diver, Dive Master and completing over 14 specialty certifications including the physically impaired dive buddy program.

Why I scuba dive?   I was reading several underwater archeology books in first grade and was enticed by all of the SCUBA pictures.  Fueling to my desire was growing up watching Flipper every Sunday.  Years later I was given the opportunity to take an Open Water course and have been diving throughout the world ever since.  I think it is not only the beauty and peacefulness of the underwater world that keeps me diving, but also the social interactions.  Diving is truly a social sport.

My favorite dive sites are the Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, Blue Hole, and the Marianas and Caribbean Islands.







Lisa Leisten   Swim Instructor

I have been at Diver Dan's for nearly 5 years now. I teach Swim lessons, Water Baby classes, and Water Aerobics. I enjoy building relationships with the children and parents of my swim classes.















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Emily Mauser   Swim Instructor

I am student at Bradford High School. I am on the girls swim team. My faverit stroke is freestyle. I enjoy teaching and helping people swim. I believe that swimming is somthing everone should know and be comfortable with, because it can be very valuable in life. "No matter what life throws at you, just keep swimming!"