Car Ferry Milwaukee

   The car ferry Milwaukee was a 325 foot long steamer that hauled railroad cars.  On Oct. 22, 1929 with a strong northeast gale the Milwaukee left Milwaukee, WI with a load of 25 rail cars. No one knows for sure what happened because there were no survivors from the sinking but it is presumed that she was swamped when rail cars broke loose and damaged the stern gate.
    Today, the Milwaukee lies in 125 feet of water off of Whitefish Bay, WI.  The ship's superstructure was blown off in the sinking and lies 100 feet east of the wreck.  You can see a lot of the rail cars and their cargo of tubs and miscellaneous items, plus three automobiles.   There is a lot of wreckage on this wreck and extreme caution is advised.  For this reason along with the depth, it is advised to dive with a good dive light and be advanced certified.   You should NOT penetrate this wreck without proper training and equipment.